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Finally, a choco ball designed to take care of you and enjoy it at all hours. With built-in antioxidants, fiber and pleasure.

You would never have imagined that a chocolate bar could have so many nutritional benefits!

In three formats so you can enjoy it with whoever you like the most.

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Free of ...

No added sugars

Suitable for diabetics

No Gluten

Suitable for intolerants

No preservatives or colorants

Really healthy


Ivan Pascual, master chocolatier in Lleida and winner of the Spanish Worl Chocolate Masters, offers us his Bean to Bar technique to create a artisanal, select and exquisite chocolate, with a more natural chocolate and a distinctive flavor.

Dr. Blanca Salinas-Roca, specialized in nutrition at the Ramon Llull-Blanquerna University and the University of Lleida, she has contributed her knowledge of food and nutrition to create a ​really healthy chocolate.

Blauver Foods has made the project beat so that you can discover spirulina as a food that can be enjoyed in the mouth, that takes care of you and that is for a more sustainable planet.


Cocoa beantobar

The flavor of this chocolate is achieved through the first fermentation, where a large number of microorganisms act that provide acidic characteristics, modify the sugars of the cocoa bean and its internal structure. Fermentation and drying are carried out in the country of origin, immediately after harvesting to promote the growth of microorganisms. Once fermentation is done, it is dried for safe export. Hence the name bean to bar: from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar: direct and without intermediaries.

​Blauver freeze-dried spirulina

The taste of good quality spirulina is neutral. Blauver with its production farm in Almenar (Lleida) breaks with the concept of industrial spirulina, to make a very high quality spirulina dehydrated at a very low temperature or directly serve it fresh. With a very neutral taste, but a characteristic touch, will you be able to find it in the chocolate?
Spirulina provides all the nutritional benefits that you wouldn't imagine a chocolate could have. Among others, metabolic regulator effect (satiety, weight control), antioxidant effect (combats aging) and anti-inflammatory effect, regulation of the glycemic index. Plus all the contribution of minerals, vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics.

Vegetable fiber, nuts and dates

Almond and hazelnut from the country replace refined oils. Providing a high content of minerals (Calcium, mangnesis) as well as Vitamin E.
Vegetable fiber regulates the metabolism, creating a feeling of satiety and normalizing the intestinal microbiota.

​The date, in a very low concentration, is the element that helps us give a sweet touch to the chocolate. We have chosen the date because it is one of the fruits that has the lowest impact on the glycemic index, so the chocolate is suitable for type 2 diabetics.

For the benefit of everyone and everything

A chocolate designed not only to take care of you, but also the planet. The cocoa arrives directly from the plantation located in the rest of the ingredients are 100% local and with ecological and/or environmentally friendly cultivation practices.
In addition, spirulina is a lung that allows large amounts of CO2 to be fixed, while reducing the use of water, energy and land, ​¡being one of the most efficient foods on the planet!

What WON'T you find?

• NO ​added sugars: suitable for diabetics.
• NO ​milk, powdered milk or animal derivatives, suitable for vegans.
• NO ​gluten, suitable for intolerants.
• NO ​preservatives or colorants.


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Frequently asked questions

What allergens does it contain?

The choco ball is made up of five ingredients: pure cocoa, spirulina, date, almond and hazelnut. It is suitable for diabetics, celiacs and vegans, since it does NOT contain added sugars, gluten and milk.

Why do you call it healthy?

We call it healthy because it contains a large amount of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, which improve the metabolic function of the body. 

Does it have a satiating effect?

Yes, spirulina has a satiating effect, which is enhanced by almonds and cocoa bean to bar.



I am pregnant, can I eat it?

Yes, although we recommend not eating more than 1 a day. You can trigger a detox effect.

Does it have any sweetener?

It has the sugars of dates and almonds. It does not contain any other type of sweetening product. 

I can't stop eating them, what is the maximum amount I can eat?

Although there are no problems with too many choco balls, we recommend not eating more than 6 a day. 

Should it be stored in the refrigerator?

There's no need. Store in a cool, dry place below 27ºC. Like chocolate.


How long does it take to get home?

Once the order is confirmed, you will have your chocolates at home during the next 24-48 hours.


Can infants eat it?

Yeah. The choco balls are suitable for all people; except if you have any intolerance or allergy.

Compostable - Plastic free