We want to connect you with life, with healthy crops.

It comes from family, from the environment, from roots that we do not want to give up. Although that doesn't mean we want to grow anything or in any way.

Ours is the cultivation of microalgae and especially the largest of them all: Spirulina.

A food with such amazing nutritional properties that it could solve global malnutrition if we all incorporated it into our daily habits.

We cultivate according to the vital rhythms of nature.

Biodynamic agriculture makes us aware of our place in the world on a local, global, and cosmic scale.

We are artisans who work with delicate raw materials.

Like any living being, spirulina must be treated well. That is why we try to reproduce ideal natural conditions. With delicacy and respect. With love.

Its benefits are so many and so magical that they do not seem real.

If you have low defenses, if you begin to notice the symptoms of aging, if you have diabetes or are recovering from cancer, if you have a skin problem, if you have gained a few extra weight, if you are looking for a quality vegetable protein, if not you go to the bathroom well, if your hair falls out, if you have brittle nails, if you are tired, if you sleep poorly, if you are thick or stressed... we have a remedy that works quickly. Science supports us. We are also excited to see that when you try it and incorporate it into your diet, you always share your discovery with the people you love most.

It's ugly for us to say it, but ours is unique.

We are pioneers in offering fresh, live products. We founded the International Spirulina Network for Food Sovereignty in 2009 and teach self-cultivation. Its intense green color is synonymous with quality. Smells good. It tastes smooth and neutral. Combines with everything we like most.

With quality spirulina as an ingredient, we make healthier products.

With quality spirulina as an ingredient, we make healthier products.

With our work we do not want to cause collateral damage.

We take care of scarce resources. We reuse water, we produce the renewable energy we need, our packaging is compostable. We are ecological with European standards.

We invite you to start with us a path to take care of yourself.


We cultivate healthy habits.


At Blauver we are committed to:

Our workers


We promote your self-knowledge, as well as individual and collective well-being.



We have a positive footprint, we do not externalize costs. We improve resource efficiency.

Your diet


We want to help you make it healthier, more conscious and sustainable.

Our products


Always of good quality, ecological, taking care of the physical and ethical perspective.

Our business profit should never compromise all of the above.

We donate 07% of our profits to humanitarian causes.

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