Cheese with fresh spirulina
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150 grams of goat cheese with organic spirulina

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    Goat cheese with organic spirulina.

    Cal Quiteria is a company that makes artisanal cheeses using traditional and natural processes, producing goat cheeses with the minimum possible transformations and alterations. For the most demanding palates. For the most demanding palates.

    Thanks to nutritional properties provided by fresh spirulina, we have managed to create the ideal cheese. Quality, artisanal and tasty, but above all healthy. Fresh spirulina offers minerals, vitamins and proteins that perfectly complement the natural qualities of milk, offering a cheese like never before. With negligible, closed and smooth bark. Its cut has a uniform and regular appearance, white with green and blue veins. When eating, it gives the sensation of moisture and freshness, making it pleasant in the mouth, creamy, acidic and pronounced.


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